Off-Campus Study

Whether you are dreaming of horseback riding in Central Asia's magnificent Tien Shan Mountains, strolling through the historic city center in Riga, snacking on khachapuri in Tbilisi, or perhaps staring in awe at the beauty of the ancient buildings in Samarkand, study abroad in the region promises all these magical experiences and more.

However much you study this region in the classroom, you will be amazed at how powerful the experience is of actually being there in person, seeing the historical sites, sharing a friendly meal with local residents. Study abroad is the perfect way to deepen your cultural understanding and take your language skills to the next level, but it is also so much more: living with a host family, making new friends, and learning firsthand about region through the people calling it home will change your life forever.

Study Abroad during the Academic Year

Russian language students are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester studying abroad in a Russian-language immersion setting. The following programs are recognized by Bowdoin as official options for semester-long or yearlong study abroad. Among them, they offer many different options for geographic location, types of coursework, and living arrangements. All of the program options include intensive Russian language study as well as a rich array of extracurricular activities and excursions. Other programs may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

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